Around Germany on a Bike: This is How it Feels

Many of us like to spend our vacations thousands of kilometers away from home – we want to see the world, after all. Oftentimes, without really knowing the country we live in. Johannes, 25, from Dresden, found that odd. He packed his bag, swung himself in the saddle and started paddling around Germany. Four weeks and 2,526 kilometres later, he has seen most of his home country and many stories to tell.

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A Thousand Lakes and Mountains: The Lake District

Why the Lake District of England is named after its lakes and not after its mountains isn’t quite understandable. There are indeed a thousand lakes, or so the story goes. But England’s biggest national park also has a breathtaking mountain range to offer, one of them being Scafell Pike, the country’s highest peak.

Photo by Nick Thorne
Photo by Nick Thorne

Cumbria, as the region is named, allows some fabulous hiking, cycling and mountain biking on its 2,292 km2  and over 3,500 trails all year around. The landscape is beautiful basically anywhere in England’s dampest area – just don’t forget to bring your rain jacket so you can enjoy it at any time. If you’re longing for a spontaneous break in the wilderness, have a look at the Tours and highlights we put together for you  – “The Lakes” might just be what you need right now.

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Let’s Go on a Micro Adventure!

“You do not need to fly to the other side of the planet to find wilderness and beauty.” These are the words of Alastair Humphreys, inventor of the micro adventure. His philosophy is simple: You don’t need a lot of time, money or equipment to get out of your every day life and have an adventure. Grab a couple of things, ride out of town after work, sleep surrounded by nature, and ride back early in the morning. You’ll be “crumpled, but happy,” Alistair says.


The idea of spending some quiet time away from the stress of the city is getting more and more popular, the community of micro adventurers is constantly growing. One of them is Thomas. During the day, he is helping his customers in his sports clothing shop to find the perfect sneakers. After turning off the lights, once or twice a week he’ll leave the city, camp somewhere in the forest and be back in the morning – just in time to open the doors and greet the first customers.

We had a little chat with Thomas and asked him how to plan a micro adventure and what you need to consider before you do wild camping.

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This was Roadbike Loop Berlin #2

On September 14th we organized our second Roadbike Loop Berlin. The plan was to do a loop, that was a little bigger than the first time and ride around 90 km.

Saturday morning, 9 AM. It was foggy and cold. We met at Dahlem Dorf train station. Everybody was there in time and already a bit warmed up from getting there. Just a little energy bar breakfast or a classical sandwich and we’re off. Nobody wanted to cool down again. In our group of four we rolled out. Really easy, we should have enough time to heat it up a little later on.

On Kronprinzessinenweg we left the city. In Wannsee we took the slightly longer but also prettier way via Moorlake before passing Glienicker Brücke. Through Potsdam and leaving it in direction to Geltow. At least since then it was clear we kept on pushing it more and more. Crossing the Havel and along the Schwielowsee we headed to Ferch. From there we turned sharp right onto a beautiful road through the woods which brought us to Seddin and passed the Großer Seddiner See. It steadily got warmer and the sun already displaced the fog. Off with those leg warmers. Perfect wheather. We crossed village after village until we took a left in Tremsdorf to find a wonderful road laying in front of us. Shared brotherly everyone had his time to enjoy the wind and work for the others. Like this we logged in a lot of country road kilometers. We passed Nudow, Schenkenhorst and Sputendorf and the turned left just after the golf course of Großbeeren in direction of Teltow.

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Let’s Go to the Pyrenees!

Exploring new mountains

The Pyrenees? Aren’t they these desertlike mountains somewhere around Spain? Yup, Spain. And France, in fact. But they couldn’t be less desert. Instead, they come along in juicy greens and unique rock formations you haven’t seen before. The hikers you meet are relaxed and often take their whole family to camp next to a hut in the mountains.

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We Like Fall! Our Recommendation: Hiking in Saxon Switzerland

Hiking, mountain biking, climbing – no matter which activity you are doing in Saxon Switzerland, one thing is for sure: You’ll quickly forget how grey and wet fall can be, looking at sky scraping rock formations, long table mountains, distinctive volcanic cones and enchanted canyons. For this fall we strongly recommend a weekend trip in Saxon Switzerland.

The region is full of highlights and things to see. Here’s a quick overview along with some Tours you can take with you:

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Bringing Japanese Coffee to Europe on Two Wheels

Three passions – one trip

Making good coffee. Travel on two wheels. Explore foreign countries. Three things, that Rie enjoys doing. One day last year, while sipping on a cup of coffee, she had the idea to connect them all. Meaning: Making coffee on her bike, while riding through many countries. Less than twelve months later, she is pedaling more than 100 kilometres each day, climbing up to the highest passes of the Alps, just to fly them down again a little later.  Every night, when she has reached her destination for the day, she’ll make a coffee in the mini kitchen on the back of her bike, for everyone who happens to be around.

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Conquer Europe With komoot

Komoot is now available in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Croatia now. And it speaks English, too. Hooray!

Get them all: For unlimited use of all features, unlock all regions now for only € 29.99.

Unlock All Regions

 Whether you are going hiking in Scotland, road biking in the south of France or mountain biking in Portugal – in just a few seconds, you can now plan awesome Tours in all of western Europe. Add the offline maps to your phone, start voice navigation and you are good to go.

By the way: If you already unlocked all regions, the new regions are automatically unlocked for you now. Strike.

komoot in English

Along with the expansion of the komoot area, komoot is now available in English. If you have all your devices set up in English, the language should switch automatically. If it doesn’t, you can change the language in your settings.

Time to tell all your lovely international friends about komoot. Drop them a line on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ and help them get outside more often.

Cycling From Prague To Berlin With Techbikers

A group cyclists ride from Prague to Berlin – for a good cause! Last year Head of Google Campus Eze Vidra had fulfilled a dream: He wanted to combine a networking event with sports, adventure and a good cause. So in 2012 he founded Techbikers in London and organized the first networking event in the form of a bike ride. The first time they rode from Paris to London. This year the Techbikers are organizing a ride from Prague to Berlin. The initiative wants the start-up scene to take care about social problems while building successful business models.

Therefore, the Techbikers are cycling not only for fun but also to earn money. Money that supports organizations, this year dotHIV, and helps them in their valuable work.

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