Organizing Komoot Meetings

Want to meet fellow komoot users and explore nature with like-minded nature enthusiasts? Then get started and organize a Komoot meeting. We’ll tell you how it’s done. One day, one Tour – let’s go!

You can find all current meetings in our event calendar.

Step 1: Plan a Tour with Komoot

Come up with a cool Tour – a hike, a bike ride, a road bike race or a MTB Tour, whatever you prefer. Are there any Highlights close by? Include them in your Tour. Also check if there are nearby parking lots or train stations, so the starting point can be easily reached. Plan your Tour on Komoot. Here’s an example:

Tip: Include the most important facts in the Tour title, i.e. “Komoot Meeting Muckross Lake, July 11 2016”

Step 2: Send us your suggestion for a Komoot Meeting

Send a mail including the link to your planned Tour (please post publicly), including all necessary details on your event to When planning your Tour, think of the following:

  • What’s your Meeting’s name?
  • What’s your target group? Are you planning a leisurely hike or a challenging bike Tour?
  • Where and when do you want to head off? Is parking available or is there a station close by?

You can add the description as a comment to your Tour, for all participants to read.

Tip: Keep the planning nice and easy. Don’t plan multi-day events, and plan your Tour ahead of time, so your fellow Komoot users have enough time to integrate your Tour into their personal schedules and join in.

Step 3: Invite your friends and acquaintances

Once we have all the necessary details, we’re happy to present the event on our Facebook page, on Google+, Twitter and our blog. Use the “Edit participants” feature on our Tour-page to invite friends you are following on komoot. All your friends who don’t have a Komoot account yet can be invited via email invitation also available here. Additionally, you can create an invitation-link and share it in a forum, on Facebook, Whatsapp or other websites.

No idea how to invite a friend? Then read our FAQ article.

Tip: You can see who has joined your Tour on the Tour page. Use the comment feature to exchange your thoughts and questions.

Step 4: Let’s Go!

Start your Tour and have fun. Record your Tour and share it on Komoot after. Don’t forget to mark your favorite spots as Highlights! We’d love it if you sent us a link of your completed Tour.