Grown up in the Austrian alps, Tobias loves the mountains, hiking, skiing and climbing there. While studying mechanical engineering in Munich, he saw himself more obsessed with the idea to start komoot than calculating gears and motors. Soon he joined the others in Berlin to make people have great outdoor experiences.

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Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015

This year Christmas has come early to us. Google Play has picked the komoot app as one of the Best Apps of the Year. The second year in a row. Time for a special thank you. Thanks for being part of the awesome komoot community. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. Thanks for sharing your Tours, Photos and Highlights with all of us. Thanks for being part of it! It’s people like you who make komoot fantastic, and we’re very happy to have you here.

Here’s To The Journey Ahead!

Your #OutdoorHighlights2015

2015 was a truly amazing year on komoot. Outdoor-fans discovered unique spots and shared millions of Tours, Photos and Highlights with us. Together we accomplished a lot this year.

Now it’s your turn: Join in and create a collection of the finest Outdoor Highlights 2015 together with us. Which view has rocked your hiking socks off, which trail has left you breathless, which spot on the map is so stunning you’d always want to return?

How to participate

Send your personal Outdoor Highlight 2015 to along with a few lines describing it, and don’t forget to give us the link to your komoot Profile. Of course you can also post your Highlights directly on our Facebook page or share them under the hashtag #OutdoorHighlights2015 on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll gradually post the best photos on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to stop by every now and then to check if your Highlight is among them yet.

The fine print

Needless to say, you should have taken the picture yourself. Please only send in photos if you’re fine with us posting them on our social media channels and our blog.

The All-New Komoot 7.0

Introducing: Plan And Instantly Customize Tours On Your iPhone In A Few Taps, Plus More!

In the past year, we’ve introduced a variety of new features like planning Tours with GPX files and pointing out and discovering Highlight recommendations to make your hiking and cycling adventures more rewarding. And our most recent rollout is just as revolutionary: now you can plan and instantly customize Tours on your iPhone with a few taps and swipes, discover Highlights with more ease than ever, and enjoy our newly interactive map on-the-go.

Keep reading to find out how you can use these game-changing new features to plan incredible Tours at home or abroad.

Plan and customize Tours on your iPhone instantly.



See Your Tour Customized Before Your Very Eyes With A Few Taps
We’re thrilled to announce that making each Tour your own is now easier than ever! No more moving through various parts of the app, now you can plan your own Tour on one easily accessible screen. Instantly customize your Tours with ease by adding start and end points, selecting and reordering waypoints, and choosing your preferred sport type all in one place. You can also choose to plan your Tour right on the map, if you prefer. Done and done with no more than a few taps!



Experience a newly interactive map that will inspire you to roam near and far



Experience A Newly Interactive Map Tailor-Made For Outdoor Exploration
Komoot’s newly interactive map was created with real navi lovers in mind. Discovering new adventures is super simple: tap directly on the map or swipe through the Highlight suggestions at the bottom. Check out photos, tips, and ratings to determine if a Highlight is worthy of checking out. Plan your Tour right on the map and save any of your favorites for future discovery. Powered by komoot’s super fast map technology, each interaction with our map will inspire you to roam near and far. Did we mention komoot is the only app to reveal nature’s hidden spots to you? Yeah, we’re proud of that, too!


Discover nearby Highlights with more ease than ever before.



Highlights Are Now More Powerful Than Ever
With the introduction of Highlights last year, komoot revolutionized the way that explorers pointed out and discovered previously hidden trails, lakes, and other incredible outdoor spots. Create your own Highlights with tips and photos, or save others’ recommendations to stumble upon your own outdoor adventure. Feeling lucky? We’ll recommend nearby readymade Smart Tours for you that include a Highlight, so all you have to do is tap and go.





Impressed? We hope so! Now it’s time to put all of our handiwork to good use. Start enjoying our newly redesigned app and get out there and go!

Get Komoot 7.0 from the App Store

Like what we’re doing? Give us a 5 star rating to show your love! We’d really appreciate it.


P.S. Android user? No worries, we’re working on adding these features for you now.

Server Downtime

Unfortunately from 9 am (CEST) this morning our servers had serious problems. It took us until 2 :30 pm until all parts of the system were 100% available again. We would like to apologize!

The login, all profile requests as well as related actions like saving tours or unlocking regions are affected. The map server, stored offline maps and tours should be available without any problems.

The whole team was immediately on the computer and has been working hard on fixing the problem, although it took us an unusually long time, until we identified and fixed the problem. We’re very sorry that this happened, especially on a holiday. We hope that all fathers found home safe.

As a small compensation we have created a voucher for a free regions bundle worth of 8.99 €. You can redeem it the whole weekend. Simply enter the code VATERTAG in the app in Regions tab.

Thanks for being patient!

Say Hello To Photon – A New Open Source Geocoder

In the last weeks we developed a new geocoder – the piece of software that turns a location like “Trafalgar Square, London” into coordinates when you type in something into the search box on It is faster, supports Search-as-you-Type and different languages, for example enter “Munich” to find “München”.

Today Christoph presented the project at the State of the Map conference in Birmingham because we want to share our work with other developers and the OpenStreetMap community. We also published Photon as an open source project on Github. So, if you are a developer feel free to use it for your projects. Our join us in improving Photon!

GitHub-Mark-32px View on GitHub