Power-up your Garmin: Introducing the Brand-New Komoot App for Garmin Devices

Introducing the brand-new komoot for Garmin app, allowing you to sync planned komoot routes with your Garmin device—and to re-route any Tour on the go.

Use a Garmin to track your outdoor activities? Well, with this latest release from komoot, you can now enjoy more flexible, reliable and controllable routing—all at the click of a button.  

Available on 15 different Garmin devices, all you have to do to get started is download the free komoot app from the Garmin Connect IQ store and sign in to your account. Once you’re set up, all of your planned komoot routes will be immediately visible on your Garmin device—ready to be downloaded and tracked. Then, simply sync your komoot account with your Garmin profile to save your recorded Tours back on komoot once you’re done.

Offering more flexibility for Garmin users than ever before, the komoot for Garmin app also allows you to completely re-plan your routes on the go. Just go to the komoot app on your iOS or Android device, re-plan and re-sync—and  see the new route immediately on your Garmin.

To learn more, head to  www.komoot.com/garmin

Key Benefits

Share routes and Tour information between your komoot and Garmin accounts

With a simple two-step process, you can view, download and track your planned komoot routes on your Garmin—and relive all of the action back on your komoot profile after you’ve completed your Tour.

Replan any route on the go

Offering Garmin users more flexibility than ever before, you can fully re-plan your routes on the go. Just head into the komoot app on your smartphone, update your route and re-sync—and follow your brand-new route on your Garmin.  

Go the distance – multi-day tracking

With the longer battery life offered on Garmin devices, you can now reliably track longer Tours and multi-day adventures—without worrying about your phone dying.

Rando Imperator – A long-distance self-experiment

660 km across the Alps. Partly on Gravel. In one stage. Or at least that was the plan. But then it started raining. What other hardships were still waiting for Christopher and if the Rando Imperator ended well for him, he will tell you here.

It’s midnight and I am shivering and freezing in the pouring rain in the market square of Bolzano and can’t go any further. It has been raining for six hours already. Sometimes more (keyword: cloudbreak), sometimes less, but uninterrupted. The original plan to ride the 660 km of the Rando Imperator from Munich to Ferrara in one go… I discarded it hours ago. I just stuck to the back wheel of some unknown frontman, to somehow reach Bolzano. All other thoughts I forbid myself – first of all Bolzano, how (and if) this goes on, I’ll see then.


Continue reading

Google Play’s Best Apps of 2015

This year Christmas has come early to us. Google Play has picked the komoot app as one of the Best Apps of the Year. The second year in a row. Time for a special thank you. Thanks for being part of the awesome komoot community. Thank you for your feedback and encouragement. Thanks for sharing your Tours, Photos and Highlights with all of us. Thanks for being part of it! It’s people like you who make komoot fantastic, and we’re very happy to have you here.

Here’s To The Journey Ahead!

Your #OutdoorHighlights2015

2015 was a truly amazing year on komoot. Outdoor-fans discovered unique spots and shared millions of Tours, Photos and Highlights with us. Together we accomplished a lot this year.

Now it’s your turn: Join in and create a collection of the finest Outdoor Highlights 2015 together with us. Which view has rocked your hiking socks off, which trail has left you breathless, which spot on the map is so stunning you’d always want to return?

How to participate

Send your personal Outdoor Highlight 2015 to OutdoorHighlights2015@komoot.de along with a few lines describing it, and don’t forget to give us the link to your komoot Profile. Of course you can also post your Highlights directly on our Facebook page or share them under the hashtag #OutdoorHighlights2015 on Twitter or Instagram. We’ll gradually post the best photos on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Instagram. Make sure to stop by every now and then to check if your Highlight is among them yet.

The fine print

Needless to say, you should have taken the picture yourself. Please only send in photos if you’re fine with us posting them on our social media channels and our blog.

“Discovering New Places Is Like Christmas To Me”

Even though Thomas has the mountains right in front of his door, his eyes are always sparkling when he is going up a steep via ferrata or standing on a summit. Being a komoot Pioneer, he is always out exploring, finding the most exciting outdoor spots in his region so he can recommend them to you. We enjoyed talking to Thomas, hearing why he discovered his passion for mountaineering rather late and what his perfect Tour looks like.

Hi Thomas! Tell us, who are you?
Well, I am Thomas, I am 36 years old and I live in Vorarlberg, the most western and second smallest federal state of Austria. I work in the online marketing industry and therefore, like many of us,  have to live with the drawback that I am sitting all day and exercise is going short.

Due to a serious disc prolapse and the following surgery a couple of years ago, I have been advised to quit running, which was my favorite hobby back then. So I had to find something else. And one day, I discovered mountaineering. That was around the same time I found a blog of a fellow countryman with many tours I had never heard about and – drum roll – discovered komoot. The blog inspired me and I rely on komoot for navigation ever since.

High mountains and green meadows – Thomas loves the diversity of Vorarlberg

What do you like about your region?
Vorarlberg might not be the land of unlimited possibilities, but it does have two crucial advantages. On one hand, the quality of life is very high, it’s not stressful at all, it has all the amenities of modern life and is in a great location to use it as a base to explore Europe. When it gets to nature, we have a little bit of everything: Lush meadows in the valley, beautiful Lake Constance in the North and our mountains in the East and South, with perfectly prepared hiking trails and skiing slopes. I am very fond of this mix and wouldn’t want to miss it.

What does being active and outdoors mean to you?
I would explain it with a mix of 20 percent athletic challenge, 30 percent relaxation for the body and mind and 50 percent of pure endorphines. The latter, because I simply love discovering new tours. This feeling reminds me of Christmas, what it was like to unwrap the presents as a little child. Continue reading

The All-New Komoot 7.0

Introducing: Plan And Instantly Customize Tours On Your iPhone In A Few Taps, Plus More!

In the past year, we’ve introduced a variety of new features like planning Tours with GPX files and pointing out and discovering Highlight recommendations to make your hiking and cycling adventures more rewarding. And our most recent rollout is just as revolutionary: now you can plan and instantly customize Tours on your iPhone with a few taps and swipes, discover Highlights with more ease than ever, and enjoy our newly interactive map on-the-go.

Keep reading to find out how you can use these game-changing new features to plan incredible Tours at home or abroad.

Plan and customize Tours on your iPhone instantly.



See Your Tour Customized Before Your Very Eyes With A Few Taps
We’re thrilled to announce that making each Tour your own is now easier than ever! No more moving through various parts of the app, now you can plan your own Tour on one easily accessible screen. Instantly customize your Tours with ease by adding start and end points, selecting and reordering waypoints, and choosing your preferred sport type all in one place. You can also choose to plan your Tour right on the map, if you prefer. Done and done with no more than a few taps!



Experience a newly interactive map that will inspire you to roam near and far



Experience A Newly Interactive Map Tailor-Made For Outdoor Exploration
Komoot’s newly interactive map was created with real navi lovers in mind. Discovering new adventures is super simple: tap directly on the map or swipe through the Highlight suggestions at the bottom. Check out photos, tips, and ratings to determine if a Highlight is worthy of checking out. Plan your Tour right on the map and save any of your favorites for future discovery. Powered by komoot’s super fast map technology, each interaction with our map will inspire you to roam near and far. Did we mention komoot is the only app to reveal nature’s hidden spots to you? Yeah, we’re proud of that, too!


Discover nearby Highlights with more ease than ever before.



Highlights Are Now More Powerful Than Ever
With the introduction of Highlights last year, komoot revolutionized the way that explorers pointed out and discovered previously hidden trails, lakes, and other incredible outdoor spots. Create your own Highlights with tips and photos, or save others’ recommendations to stumble upon your own outdoor adventure. Feeling lucky? We’ll recommend nearby readymade Smart Tours for you that include a Highlight, so all you have to do is tap and go.





Impressed? We hope so! Now it’s time to put all of our handiwork to good use. Start enjoying our newly redesigned app and get out there and go!

Get Komoot 7.0 from the App Store

Like what we’re doing? Give us a 5 star rating to show your love! We’d really appreciate it.


P.S. Android user? No worries, we’re working on adding these features for you now.

Head First Into The Unknown: One Bike. One Year. One Continent.

A journey with the main purpose of seeing beautiful landscapes and indulge the sweet idleness – definitly not André‘s style. On his one-year trip through South America, he is putting encounters with people and personal development in the focus. After two months of pedaling, we talked to him about his experiences and life on two wheels.

Hi André! Where are you right now?
I am writing to you from Cartagena, Columbia. A city, that put me under its charm with its old city centre from the colonial times.

What are you doing in South America?
For one year, I am traveling the contintent with my bike. I started in Costa Rica at the end of April, and at the beginning of next year, I want to be in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. For the route, I do have a couple of spots I want to see, everything else I plan on a day-to-day basis.

What’s your motivation for this journey?
I wanted to get away from my everyday life in Germany, that I know so well, and experience a culture that is new to me. In 2009, I went on a longer trip to the rather westerly New Zealand. This time, it was important to me to get to know other perspectives. In addition, I am purposely creating tasks and challenging situations with this journey, that I want to embrace and focus on my personal development.



Which cultural differences have you noticed so far? Anything that impressed or surprised you?
Most people here are very friendly and open. When asked, it’s usually not a problem to set up camp in somebody’s yard. But even more than that, the people of Panama and Costa Rica even brought us drinks outside, invited us into their house and offered to use their bathroom. I am very grateful for that and happy about this hospitality. It also feels good that everything is moving at a slower pace here, even though it took me a while to get used to.

On the other side, I have noticed that there’s much less awareness for certain topics. Continue reading

Understanding How Your Komoot Achievements Motivate Others

Creating your own Highlights allows you to point out nature’s hidden hideaways for everyone else. Inspire other komoot lovers to experience more trails, singletracks, and other natural adventures with your expert knowledge of the great outdoors. Keep reading to discover how your achievements influence and motivate fellow komoot fans.

stats-1-highlights    “Visited Highlights”

At komoot we believe every outdoor journey should be an adventure. Visited Highlights are just what they sound like: Highlights created by yourself and others that you’ve explored. The more Highlights you visit, the more you enrich the komoot community by adding others’ creations to your Tours, which gives you an opportunity to leave feedback (in the form of tips and votes) on whether or not a Highlight is any good.


stats-2-photos    “Highlight Photos”

Seeing is believing, right? Highlight photos are essential for sharing how breathtaking or interesting a Highlight really is with the community. Add quality photos to each and every Highlight you create to ensure details like a stunning view over a valley, or the crystal clear waters of an amazing lake are not missed. Doing so will encourage others to experience it for themselves. Don’t forget: adding photos to your Highlights is essential for sharing your expertise with fellow komoot enthusiasts!


stats-3-tips    “Created Tips”

This is what you might call a rhetorical question: would you recommend a restaurant, or new shop to a friend without giving them that one bit of crucial information that might make the visit better than average? Don’t bother answering that one outloud. Adding tips to your Highlights and others’ ensures that the essential information that only an expert like yourself could provide is useful for other folks. While you don’t need to write a novel, tips that aren’t too short to too long are generally most helpful for the community.


stats-5-inspired    “People You Inspired”

Your inspiration and your influence. That’s one of the most exciting aspects of creating Highlights! That’s why we thought we’d give you a little insight on the behind-the-scenes info that goes into determining how you inspire the rest of the komoot community.

How Your Inspiration Impact Is Determined:

  • When someone plans a Tour with a Highlight you contributed to
  • When someone else adds or visits a Highlight you contributed to
  • When someone bookmarks a Highlight you contributed to

Now that you know how important Highlights you create are for enriching the community, the key lies in creating spectacular Highlights that inspire others to grab their gear and go!

Create Your Own Stand-Out Highlights Now:

  • Highlight only the best, most interesting places along your Tour
  • Add descriptive photos to capture your Highlight’s beauty
  • Write an insightful tip to share your inspiration with others

Perfect Your Highlights Now